While Stalled is definitely an artistic endeavour, it addresses issues plaguing young women today and so part of our mandate is to make sure this film is not only available to high schools, colleges and universities, but also that Meghan is there to facilitate a question and answer period following the screening. Meghan has over ten years experience visiting schools, theatres and conferences, speaking on issue based art. Stalled entertains its audiences with high standards of story telling and film-making, but also manages to engage its audiences on relevant topics such as eating disorders, drug addiction, sexual assault and bullying. The discussion following the screening allows audiences a chance to engage with one another on the relevancy of these societal problems in their community.

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Meghan Gardiner (C) with residence advisors from Dominican College in New York

Meghan Gardiner (C) with residence advisors from Dominican College in New York

“Meghan Gardiner is an artistic genius. Her captivating new film “Stalled” is a powerful portrayal of the issues faced by women in our society. I feel privileged that I was able to debut it at TRU as it received phenomenal feedback from our students and employees. A must see on any campus!”
Chelsea Corsi,
Wellness Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University


“From my perspective as both a man and father, it was at times emotionally difficult to watch, but at many levels thought provoking (as demonstrated by the excellent comments and variations in the interpretations).  Life is a struggle for so many.“
Audience member