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Article in Washington City Paper by Noah Gittell – Sept 24, 2013






Stalled: A clever dramatic exercise, in which a woman janitor cleans a public bathroom, inhabiting a different character in each bathroom stall. It doesn’t make much sense, until you understand the idea behind the film: The entire script is composed of lines the filmmaker found written on bathroom stalls. Good work turning it into a film but an even better performance by writer/actorMeghan Gardiner.

Article in The Province by Glen Schaefer – Jan 24, 2013

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“Actor-writer Meghan Gardiner got the idea for her short film Stalled in the bathroom. In a lot of bathrooms, actually. Gardiner spent the past 10 years intermittently touring Canada with a one-woman play, which incidentally gave her a cross-Canada sampling of bathroom graffiti

The Ubyssey Article by Will Johnson – Feb 15, 2012

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